The patent is a document granting exclusive rights set by a country to an inventor or an assignee chosen by the inventor for a fixed period of time in exchange for disclosure of the invention. The procedure for granting the patent, the conditions to be met and the period for which granted exclusive rights vary widely from country to country according to national legislation and international agreements. A patent application must include one or more claims defining the invention as something new, something that requires creativity and apply industry. In most countries are excluded from patenting software and business methods, both supported the U.S.. The exclusive rights granted by the patent in most countries is to prevent or to exclude others from manufacturing, use, sell, import the product under patent.

To obtain the patent in Romania an application for patent OSIM application shall contain in addition a standardized documentation submitted describing the application relates. The documentation contains (cf. Article 14 of Law 64/1991):

A. Identification of the patent applicant

Two. Description of invention

Three. One or more claims

Four. Drawings referred to in the description and / or claims

Five. Summary

In addition the applicant will have to pay some fees for services provided by OSIM.

Invention is patentable if:

 It is the category of patentable objects

 It is the ninth

 Involves an inventive

 It has industrial application


Patent may provide rights in several countries in the world but it is necessary to complete the formalities in each country .PCT patent, the Patent Cooperation Treaty is an international treaty on patents legislation established in 1970, the Treaty provides for a unique to protect the invention in each country party to the treaty. The procedure “PCT application” provides priority recognition in the signatory countries enabling the inventor to file a patent application in each country at a time up to 30 months. Other international patents can not be later than one year after the first application for patent.